About Us


SSI RM is a security and risk management consultancy that helps businesses to achieve commercial success in high threat locations around the world.

Clients who work with us are able to pursue commercial opportunities in places where otherwise they would not be able to operate.


SSI RM was founded in 2012 as Ship Security International Ltd with a focus on maritime security. In 2013 we bought a British maritime security company called Transafe and we continue to assess other acquisition targets. In 2015 we successfully diversified our services to include a broader risk management offer and subsequently re-branded the company SSI RM.


Our vision is to be a trusted, reliable and valued expert partner for our clients.


Our mission is to provide security and risk management consultancy services in order to enable our clients to exploit commercial opportunities in high threat locations around the world.


SSI RM is a private limited company registered in England and Wales (08133812). SSI RM, and its sister company SSI Energy, are part of SSI Group. SSI RM has six permanent employees (Managing Director, Commercial Director, Head of Finance and Human Resources, Head of Business Development, Operations Manager and Operations Assistant).


SSI RM was a founding member of ICoCA and remains compliant with the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies (dated 9 November 2010). SSI RM has been vetted by a major oil company, General Electric and TE SubCom (a Tyco company).


SSI RM works with the following companies to deliver its security and risk management services.