SSI Risk Management (SSI RM) have signed another security contract with Hurst International. Hurst International provides highly skilled professional telecommunications engineers for global Installation and Commissioning services.  

Having protected Hurst International personnel since 2016 in environments as varied as Yemen, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire, SSI RM have been contracted to provide complete risk management services for Hurst in Somalia in 2020.

Somalia – B6 Armoured Vehicle

 The area of operations has diverse security requirements and SSI RM services will ensure all Hurst personnel are accommodated safely, in secure, vetted accommodation and travel in approved vehicles, with qualified and experienced drivers.  

Hurst personnel will have Close Protection Officers (CPOs) and Armed Local National guards.  As well as the above SSI RM will be providing the following services to overmatch the threats: 

  • B6 armoured vehicles (4×4)  
  • Satellite telephone communications  
  • Secure satellite GPS trackers with two-way message facility  
  • SSI Group Topside/ Telemedicine doctor support (24/7/365) 
  • QRF and Emergency evacuation 

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