On Wednesday 17th September 2014 Professor Niyi Ayoola-Daniels, President of IIPELP (International Institute for Petroleum, Energy Law and Policy in Nigeria), was hosted by UK Government Trade and Investment (UKTI) ‘BISEN’ consortium members.  As a key maritime security provider within BISEN, SSI briefed Professor Daniels, at Griffon Hoverworks’ offices in Southampton, Hampshire.  Professor Daniels, representing IIPELP and NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) was visiting to further discussions into the procurement of security solutions and oil pipeline protection in the Niger Delta and wider region.

SSI Operations Director Duncan Higham briefed alongside David Heath CBE MP, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Nigeria, Sue Whitbread of UK DSO and other BISEN consortium members.  SSI’s expertise offering security solutions within the Gulf of Guinea Region and in particular their knowledge of riverine operations, have led to their natural selection within BISEN for the delivery of training to Nigerian personnel across the commercial oil and gas, as well as Government sectors.

Professor Ayoola Daniels flanked by SSI’s Operations Director Duncan Higham (right) and David Heath CBE MP (left) during the visit and briefing at Griffon Hoverwork

The UK Government and British Industry experts have been assisting the Nigerian Government in sourcing solutions to reduce, and ultimately prevent the theft of oil from pipelines running throughout the Niger Delta region; this is estimated to cost Nigeria in excess of 16 million US dollars every day.  The visit by Professor Daniels is a follow up from the highly successful UKTI BISEN Trade Mission to Lagos, conducted on board HMS IRON DUKE in July this year.  During the visit SSI briefed Senior Officers within the Nigerian Navy, focusing on specialist amphibious training and techniques that could assist the Nigerian Forces with countering the threats posed to their security and environment as a result of the oil theft.

SSI, who specialise in Maritime Security in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean also have the capability to operate extensively throughout Africa.  SSI West Africa have offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt and offer security solutions across the land and maritime domain to Private, Corporate and Government bodies seeking specialist security solutions.